ChangeAgent is an app framework that is a one-stop shop for any grassroots cause. It will help your supporters find each other, organize, convince their friends to get involved and stay safe from overreach and violence. We're bringing together some great makers and thinkers from the hacker world and the world of progressive politics to make it happen.

How can grassroots causes compete with big money campaigns that play dirty? If the Cambridge Analyticas of this world can deliver targeted, manipulative messages to millions, how can we fight them? And can we compete without compromising our ethics and violating GDPR ourselves?

By helping our supporters convince their friends based on what they themselves know about them. We're not collecting any of this data, and we're open about the process. We also help supporters find each other based on location, and get involved in campaigning together. We have end-to-end encrypted messaging in-app, as well as an ephemeral, open local chat. We have panic buttons and other safety measures, as well as a way to contact the nearest coordinator with a single push of a button.

[Use case 1: Jenny]
[Use case 2: Greg]
[Use case 3: Greg's friend Pete, who's afraid to join the union]
Our commitment to your security and privacy.